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We like to keep things simple.
Especially when it comes to investments.

when we say simple,
we mean it.

So basically, we create index tracking Unit Trusts and Exchange Traded Funds – providing you with the building blocks to make your money work harder for you.

But why?

Investments may seem complicated and scary. And we want to take this anxiety out of investing and help you manage your money. Because it’s so much easier if you actually understand it.

say what?

index tracking

We don’t want to bore you with complicated investment terms but basically,
we do what we say we do, we give you the return of the market you choose.

index tracking unit trusts

exchange traded funds


In other words, some simple answers
to some complex questions.


Some super smart info
so you can be in the know.


they've got our back

We are backed by the Standard Bank Group. Which is pretty impressive.


knowing it first

whats better than knowing something?

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